Does it cost anything to participate in DropArt?

The answer is No. Participation in DropArt is free of charge, and there are no restrictions on the number of projects and there is also no limit on the number of media users can upload. The DropArt platform is free for creative professionals across disciplines.

What if my Creative Field (Department) isn't in the list. Can I still add it?

Creative Fields are the categories we use to organize the work and talent on DropArtt. While we understand that work does not always fall neatly into categories, having a system of categorization helps people who are browsing and searching to find you. In order to promote your work most effectively, please choose the Creative Fields (department) that best describe each project you upload.

How do I submit my artwork?

You can begin the submission process from any page by clicking the "upoad artwork" tab in the profile page.

Upload your Files

You can upload your files individually on your profile page,

On the upload artwork page you can add files by fill in the blank form, starting with your "title" > "department" > "image" > "descricption" > "process" > and lastly "create" button Select department

Select department

Every users must have a category associated with it. You can use the department options to select your department before you upload your artwork.

Publish Your Artwork

Every users Easy and simple step to uploading your file, click "choose file" button and you can select your beautiful artwork before you publish. Select your work and click "open" to upload your beautiful artwork. Below this section you are also able to add your description and details for your artwork.


In "Process", you can specify which groups and gallery folders you would like to submit your artwork to, for example WIP (work in progress), inspiration, or sketch.

In Publishing Options, you can specify whether your artwork suit to any of the options above.

After you satisfied with your artwork and description, click "create" button to publish your artwork, and your artwork will appeared in "wall" page.

How do I change my Dropart username?

You can change your username by visiting the "profile" section of your Settings.

To change your username, click "setting" button and you can fill the sign-up form. name > interest > about.

How can I discover awesome artwork on DropArt?

Search and Explore

This page lets you see a never ending list of DropArt projects that you can sort in a number of different ways. You can search artist by clicking in search button.

You can find almost anything you're looking for by using a department filters like GRAPHIC, FINEART, FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY, and ARCHITECTURE. You can click on the department tags to search what are you looking for.

When you afollow a user or Add to a Collection, members who follow you will be notified via their "shout" feed. When you Follow someone, you'll receive similar updates from them in your "shout" Feed.

What sort of filters can I use to sort through DropArt?

You can sort through DropArt using several filters under the "Bank" feature.

You can sort by name of artist, and Department to see beautiful and inspired artwork from archive. Also can use a search bar on the top for search artist profile.